Who holds the hand of a black man if not himself?

But how do we depersonalize?

How do we do depersonalize if no one is showing us how and all we are being shown is our inadequacy and death?

The main upheld character trait of a black man in society is to dismiss his emotional state and be perceived as ‘tough’ at all times.

Some learn this toughness trait from our fathers — some learn this from our friend groups.

Some get this message from sports and entertainers — some learn it from our mothers. Yes, our mothers can promote hyper-masculinity.

Other mental health barriers include:

1. Breaking down stigma / Establishing psychological openness

2. Identifying what works and does not work for people individually

3. Culturally Competent Counselors

Langston Hughes once said that “when a man starts out to build a world, He starts first with himself.”

Resources for Black Men’s Mental Health Needs

What is the best way to promote black men’s mental and physical health? Share below in the comments.

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