Imagine this — you match Tinder profiles with an independent man who drives a car worth fifty thousand dollars (or more). He’s smart, funny, well-traveled, he’s not an asymmetric model, but you can tell he works out by how his chest and biceps poke through his clothes, which excites you. He’s your type AND someone your friends would gush over.

He posts photos of his family and pets on his social media. He’s respectful and seems to be everything women are complaining about not finding in Youtube videos, leaving you a bit confused because, technically, he doesn’t exist.

And he…

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Defining Religion & Spirituality

Since you clicked this article, there is a chance you may have had to deal with religious fanaticism in your family. Or, maybe you are coping with a mental health issue that has challenged your faith, or perhaps you are curious about the overlap of religion and mental health.

As someone who was raised as a non-denominational Christian and who is a non-religious, spiritual person, I have asked myself how do I maintain faith and hope in the future without subscribing to world views, beliefs, and practices that I personally disagree with?

My relationship with God…

When we hear about the black experience, we think about the times of slavery and the oppression that our forefathers faced. From an early age, we learned about African-American history through the struggles of our grandparents or parents or direct life experiences through a Eurocentric perspective in the educational curriculum. In 2021, I have often thought of the black experience as one depicted as oppressive. I often ask myself if I feel oppressed or if I’m being told I’m oppressed. Because of this I become hypervigilant and analytical of everyone and everything around me.

I am not saying that we…


When people think of elder abuse, they commonly think of grandma being bullied in care homes. And while that is true, elder abuse can also be from friends or family or anyone who regularly contacts older adults.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) estimates that 60% of elder abuse and neglect incidents occur from a first-degree family member. Two-thirds of perpetrators are adult children or spouses. If the elder depends on their abuser for aspects of their care (or their full care), the relationship can turn manipulative and controlling fast.


Bisexual-identified people continue to be at extremely high risk for suicide and self-harm.

In 2019, The Australian Journal of General Practice conducted a “Who Am I” study interviewing 2,651 men and women with bisexual attraction, identity, or experience.

The study found a high level of internalized biphobia and induced lack of self-acceptance due to invisibility, erasure, and biphobia.

· 58% reported either high or very high levels of psychological distress

· 67% reported they had been diagnosed with mental illness

· 28% had attempted suicide, 78% had thought about it

· 50% reported self-harm

The Mastery of Self, by Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz, looks at humanity through the Toltec tradition lens, which originated in 10th-12th century Mexico.

Mr. Ruiz frames the notions of society and self through two key ideas:

(1) The Dream of the planet, which is society/collective thought

(2) Personal Dream, which is a personal perspective of the experiencer

The Dream of the planet and the Personal Dream coexist in a state of constant friction. Mr. …

Earlier this week, I came across a YouTuber’s video entitled, “A Christian’s response to Disney debuting first bi-sexual lead character,” which led me down a YouTube rabbit hole of watching and listening to opinions about the bi-sexual collective that does not yet exist in primetime, but surely exists in the corners of social media (if you are bi, heed my warning and do not go down this YouTube rabbit hole).

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I did not know what to expect when I clicked the YouTuber’s video, which had nearly 10,000 views and a 50/50 split of likes to dislikes. I figured I would…

It feels like yesterday, my local Ralph’s store was out of stock of toilet paper and canned goods. Where did the time go? How did we end up in August 2020 and on the 5th month of quarantine in the United States? After several false starts and stops, we have a new normal of prolonged isolation. For those that live alone, we only have the company of our TV and phone screens and the occasional nature walk.

As the quarantine has progressed, police brutality, Black Lives Matter, cancel culture of bigoted celebrities has taken center stage on the nightly news…

A little less than 10 years, I purchased my first car. I was working full-time at a bookstore (Borders — remember them) and had just graduated from college.

I’ve always liked sexy cars, and, at the time, Infiniti G35 coupes were the car to have. New car, new diploma…

Tunnel of Two Suns
Tunnel of Two Suns

Greetings Earthlings,

A unique hashtag has been exploding the internet: #bisexualmenexist. Something about this hashtags in the era of Donald Trump’s rhetoric struck a chord of creativity in me. The existence of this hashtag reveals something that is not being pointed out in the rallies, marches, and happy gatherings we see reposted on social media.

#bisexualmenexist, I suppose, was intended to create a haven for the bi unicorns (or vampires) that are still trying to manifest themselves in a post-”Love is love” America. …


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